Jewelry Care


 I highly recommend using a professional jewelry

tarnish remover and cleaner to keep your pieces

looking their best.  I use Sunshine Products jewelry

tarnish remover/cleaner. It is all natural, contains no

ammonia, acids or alcohol.  It is biodegradable,

environmentally friendly and safe to use on all

metals.  Over the years,  I have tried many other

brands of jewelry cleaners and I’ve found Sunshine

Products to be the best on the market. I have this

available for purchase at shows. 


  How you store your pieces is just as important as

cleaning, and can often prevent or delay dirt &

tarnishing.  Be sure to store each piece separately

from each other, to prevent scratching.  If you do not

have a jewelry box with separate compartments, 

separate velvet pouches will do the trick!  Sterling

Silver will tarnish with exposure to air.  The best way

to prevent this is to store silver in a pouch or plastic

baggie, away from direct sunlight, where the

exposure to air is minimized.  Over time, however,

most silver will tarnish some.  Many jewelry stores

sell special anti tarnish bags for sterling silver.  This

is a good idea!  Also, special jewelry cloths are

available to polish sterling silver, and can remove

most of the tarnish.  The best way, though, is to

prevent tarnish as best you can.  :)  


 Be sure to put your jewelry on AFTER applying

perfume, hairspray, lotions, and cosmetics.  This will

decrease the likelihood of these products coating

your pieces.  Be sure to remove your jewelry

BEFORE sleeping, swimming, exercising, or house

cleaning.   Jewelry can be damaged during these

activities, whether it be by physical means or

chemical.  At the end of the day, it is a good idea to

polish your piece with a soft cloth, to help remove

skin oils and such, then store your piece back in it's


Made in the U.S.A.  All Natural  No ammonia, acids or alcohol  Biodegradable; environmentally friendly  Includes a lift tray and brush that helps clean the jewelry.   Cleaning kit includes 2oz Tarnish remover   and 2 oz Jewelry Cleaner with tray and brush.  $19.95


Made in the U.S.A.  Non-abrasive  Biodegradable; environmentally friendly  Also cleans marble, masonite counter tops and vinyl  SAFE ON ALL TYPES OF METAL
As always care must be taken when cleaning fine jewelry.  Many softer and porous stones should not be soaked but simply dipped, brushed and dried thoroughly.  Also may remove paint and dye or soften glues used by jewelers. 
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